Solutions for
Space and the
Earth 2023


April 18 - 21, 2023

About LSSE2023

Welcome to LSSE2023

The aim of “Laser Solutions for Space and the Earth (LSSE)” is to discuss the application of emerging laser technologies to solve various problems for sustainable developments of space and the earth.

The featured topics in LSSE2023 are “Carbon Neutral”, “Agri-Photonics”, “Space Technology”, “Remote Sensing” and “Industrial Application”. We have some keynote lectures and many invited talks.

LSSE2023 will be held at Pacifico Yokohama Japan, a venue where infection control for COVID-19 has been taken (COVID-19 Policy at Pacifico Yokohama).

LSSE2023 is collaborated with OPIC2023 (Optics & Photonics international Congress 2023). OPIC is the largest conference in OPTICS and PHOTONICS in Japan with more than 10 conferences in addition to LSSE. You can also participate in OPIC2023 by participating in LSSE2023.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Yokohama!


  • Carbon Neutral
    • Biochemical application
    • Nuclear application
  • Agri-photonics
    • Smart agriculture
    • Laser plant factory
    • Laser sense organ
  • Space technology
    • Laser debris deorbit
    • UV imaging
    • Optics for space technology
  • Remote sensing
    • Inspection of Infrastructures by Quantum beam (Neutron source, Laser, etc)
    • Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)
  • Industrial application
    • Extreme condition
    • Processing

...and more

Poster Session

The author(s) of poster presentations will be informed of the size of bulletin board for displaying summary, figures, tables, etc., when selected as poster papers.

Official Language


Location of Conference Site

The LSSE2023 will be held at PACIFICO Yokohama, Yokohama city, Kanagawa prefecture, JAPAN and online. Yokohama city, the center of Kanagawa prefecture is located south of Tokyo. PACIFICO Yokohama is conveniently located about 40 min. by Limousine Bus from Haneda Airport and 90 min. from Narita Airport.


1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012, Japan
Transportation Guide: TEL +81-45-221-2166
Information: TEL +81-45-221-2155 FAX +81-45-221-2136

Simultaneous Conferences

Twelve international conferences will be held simultaneously at the OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Congress 2023 (OPIC2023). By registering for LSSE2023, you will be able to participate in all international conferences. For more information, please visit the OPIC2023 website.



OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Exhibition 2023 (OPIE2023) will be held simultaneously at PACIFICO Yokohama. For more information, please visit the OPIE2023 website.


Submission of Papers

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Submit a Paper

Submit a Paper

Submission deadline is January 27, 2023.
The deadline may not be extended this time, so please submit as soon as possible.

Conference Registration

Registration Fee

Category Membership Early Regular
General Member 56,000 JPY 61,000 JPY
Non-member 66,000 JPY 71,000 JPY
Student, Retiree Member 19,000 JPY 22,000 JPY
Non-member 22,000 JPY 24,000 JPY

Early Registration Deadline

April 7, 2023

Online Registration

Online registration will open on January 17, 2023.

Committee Members

Conference Chair

  • Satoshi WadaRIKEN, Japan

International Advisory Board

  • Prof. R. LiShanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, China
  • Prof. G. MourouEcole Polytechnique/IZEST, France
  • Prof. T. TajimaUC Irvine, USA
  • Prof. X. YanPeking University, China

Science Organizing Committee

  • T. EbisuzakiRIKEN, Japan
  • S. AokiKeio University, Japan
  • H. DaidoJapan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan
  • T. FujiiThe University of Tokyo, Japan
  • K. FujitaThe Graduate School for the Creation of New Photonics Industries, Japan
  • N. HasegawaNational Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology, Japan
  • Y. KitazawaJAXA, IHI, Japan
  • A. NishimuraJapan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan
  • H. LuPeking University, China
  • T. OgawaRIKEN, Japan
  • M. OtagiriRIKEN, Japan
  • C. PhippesPhotonics Associates, USA
  • M. QuinEcole Polytechnique, France
  • A. SasohNagoya University, Japan
  • S. ShibusawaTokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
  • K. ShigemoriOsaka University, Japan
  • A. ShinjoKeio University, Japan
  • K. TakayamaEhime University, Japan
  • M. VasileUniversity of Strathclyde, UK
  • C. K. YamadaAOI-PARC, Japan
  • T. YanagisawaJAXA, Japan


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